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About the Author

Dr Jan Chojecki is the grandson of John Quiller Rowett, who financed the Shackleton-Rowett (Quest) Expedition of 1921-22.

He has a degree and PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and has spent his career working in public sector technology transfer. In 2016 he published the WW1 letters of his great uncle in We Are All Flourishing – the Letters and Diary of Captain Walter JJ Coats MC, 1914-1919.

Books by Jan Chojecki

The Quest Chronicle

The Quest expedition has long lain in the shadow of Shackleton’s other exploits and is only fleetingly mentioned in the biographies of Sir Ernest Shackleton. This account sets out the events that occurred before, during and after the voyage, told through the words of the protagonists with their letters, logs and diaries, many of which have not been previously published.

We Are All Flourishing

The Letters and Diary of Captain Walter Coats JJ MC 1914-1919

There have been moments during the last week or so when I had grave doubts as to whether I should see tomorrow’

Compiled from letters home and a diary written in the immediate aftermath of the First World War, We Are All Flourishing is a remarkable and moving first-hand account of one man’s service during 1914-19. Walter Coats was an officer with the 9th Highland Light Infantry, the “Glasgow Highlanders”.