Second edition paperback now available

Following the success of the first edition hardback of The Quest Chronicle the book is now available in paperback.  This edition is essentially the same as the first edition, with 410 pages containing many rarely seen images, insightful footnotes, a bibliography, reference section and an extensive index.  The following preface is included summarising the amendments and new content:

Book cover - The Quest Chronicle


The first edition paperback of The Quest Chronicle is for the most part identical to the limited edition hardback published in 2022. A few typographic and formatting errors have been corrected, two footnotes have been added and the index updated. 

For the record, the corrections of historical fact are as follows: 

  • Alexander Kerr’s age, at the time he joined the expedition, was 28, not 38 and Leonard Hussey was 30, not 27.
  • George Vibert Douglas had met Shackleton in February 1921 in Montreal, not Toronto.
  • George Vibert Douglas was not present at the dinner in Rio on 7 December 1921, as he was in South Georgia.
  • The supplies of smoking tobacco for Quest’s excursion to the ice fields of Antarctica, packed by Macklin and mentioned in the entry for 9 January 1922, included 35 lbs per man, not 35 lbs total.
  • Mount Rowett was given its name and the rock samples collected there on 1 June 1922, not 29 May.
  • Allie Vibert Douglas was a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), not an Officer (OBE).

Footnotes are added for James Hamilton and Dorothy Russell Grigg (later Dorothy Irving-Bell). 

Jan Chojecki 
February 2023