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Kent Scouts REQUEST2021 Antarctica Project is a Global Project based around Peace, Environment and Heritage.

The Shackleton-Rowett Expedition was the first polar expedition to involve Scouts. Although Norman Mooney returned home not long after the Quest departed, James Marr participated throughout and went on to a distinguished career in polar exploration and research. In January 2022, a group of Scouts from Kent and Scotland ventured to Antarctica on theReQuest2021 expedition, in recognition of the centenary of Marr’s journey on the Quest.

The ReQuest2021 Project continues its activity in outreach and dissemination aimed at educating and inspiring young people in polar matters.  A legacy fund – the ReQuest Fund – has been established to support these legacy objectives ReQuest expedition.  The Quest Chronicle’s author, Jan Chojecki, is a member of the ReQuest2021 steering committee and is a trustee of the ReQuest Fund.

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