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South Georgia Museum and the South Georgia Heritage Trust, 29 March 2022

Presented by Dr Jan Chojecki

The talk features rarely seen photographs from the Quest Expedition, including some of the earliest ever colour photographs of South Georgia. Jan explores the circumstances and events of the expedition that occurred on South Georgia. He tells some of the lesser-known stories of the Quest Expedition, including the activities of the scientific advance party to the island, and their achievements over the course of the expedition. After the presentation, South Georgia Museum Curator Jayne Pierce discussed with Jan about the Quest Expedition at South Georgia and presented questions from the audience. Jan has kindly written these answers to questions: …

National History Museum, 5 January 2022

Article by James Ashworth, with contribution from Dr Jan Chojecki

‘I’ve always been curious about my grandfather’s career and his life,’ says Jan, ‘but when I bumped into a group of Scouts heading to the Antarctic, I got co-opted into their project and started to dig a bit deeper into the story. I read the diaries of Quest’s naturalist, George Hubert Wilkins, and found his descriptions of how he studied wildlife in incredibly difficult conditions absolutely fascinating.

‘That’s when I thought it would be interesting to put the stories to the specimens.’

Jan got in touch with the Museum and visited the collections of birds at Tring. Using the descriptions contained in the diaries and reports of the Quest’s crew, he began to connect specific references with individual specimens in the collection.

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Shackleton Museum, 30 October 2021

Presented by Dr Jan Chojecki

Live streamed for the Shackleton Autumn School – Virtually Shackleton (2021)