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George Vibert Douglas (29) – Geologist. Canadian Douglas, a McGill University student who interrupted his studies to fight in the War, receiving the Military Cross, completed his BSc in 1920. He has just received his MSc, also from McGill. He had met Shackleton in February 1921, when Shackleton lectured at the university. Shackleton recruited him then for the Arctic expedition and now he leaves his geological job in Alberta and comes to England.

George Hubert Wilkins (32) – Natural Scientist and Photographer.  Wilkins, an Australian, has experience of polar exploration having accompanied Stefansson in 1913. Shackleton had met him in 1912. He became an official war photographer towards the end of the war and received the MC for gallantry in the Third Battle of Ypres @ThirdYpres1917, to which a Bar was added for action on the Hindenberg line in September 1918. In 1921, he has recently returned from the Antarctic having participated in John Lachlan Cope’s four-man expedition to Graham Land. Here seen with John Rowett.

Charles Roderick Carr (29) – Aviator (and Meterologist).  Roddy Carr is an aviator, born in New Zealand, who will turn thirty on 31 August.  He served in the Royal Naval Air Service during the war and was awarded the DFC fighting the Bolskeviks in 1919 – where he has encountered Ernest Shackleton. He then served in secondment as commander of the Lithuanian Air Force before his military discharge. He will pilot the Avro Baby seaplane that will be carried on board the Quest. He has contacts at A V Roe and will oversee the adaptations to the plane.

Charlie Green (32) – Cook. Surrey-born Green served as cook on the Endurance expedition. Son of Master Baker, Charlie had “run away to sea” and joined the Merchant Navy. In 1914, he was at Buenos Aires, serving on RMSP Andes, when Shackleton – also there with Endurance, sacked the incumbent cook for drunkenness and hired Green in his place. Green knew Frank Worsley from previous service on SS Sardinian. Shackleton writes directly to Green in June 1921, inviting him to join, which Green eagerly accepts.

Harold Watts – Wireless Operator

Gerald Lysaght (51) – Helmsman (Temporary). Gerald Lysaght is an iron and steel industrialist who has been a major backer of Shackleton’s previous expeditions. He is also an accomplished yachtsman and is invited to join the expedition as far as Madeira.

Norwegian Lt A Eriksen also joins the expedition as harpoon expert.

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