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Thursday 2 June 1921

At a dinner at the Savoy Restaurant, London, the menu is signed by Ernest Shackleton, John Quiller Rowett, Frank Wild, Joseph Stenhouse, Frank Worsley, Lee Keedick, Leonard Hussey, Lewis Rickinson, Northrup McMillan, Percy Wallace and Laurence Legge. Penguins are drawn on the menu – the decision to go South is confirmed.

Worsley, Wild, Hussey, Rickinson and Stenhouse are veterans of Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic (Endurance/Aurora) Expedition of 1914-1917. Joseph Stenhouse is the former Chief Officer of Aurora.

Lee Keedick is a publisher and literary agent, of New York. He has arranged lectures and publications by, among others, Amundsen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  He, presumably, attends the dinner with a view to considering publication rights from the forthcoming expedition.

(William) Northrup McMillan (1872-1925) is a wealthy explorer and settler/farmer from East Africa. Although a US citizen (with a British father), he had fought with the Royal Fusiliers in WW1. He has regularly hosted Theodore Roosevelt at his Kenya home.

Laurence Legge is John Quiller Rowett’s business partner in the firm Rowett, Legge and Co Ltd.