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Sunday 4 December, 1921

Sir Alfred Yarrow, the shipbuilding magnate, invites Shackleton to lunch at the Club Central this coming Wednesday, 7 December.  Sir Alfred has only very recently arrived from England on RMSP Avon, which departed Southampton on 11 November.  Yarrow has in the past built and supplied torpedo boats for the Brazilian Navy. The invitation comes via Charles Pullen, who is travelling in the Yarrow party, staying at the Hotel International.  Shackleton, from the Hotel Central, writes back to Pullen accepting and inviting Sir Alfred to a lecture he will be giving tomorrow, asking if he would like a box.

Monday 5 December, 1921

Shackleton gives a “farewell lecture” about the Endurance expedition at the Municipal Theatre, Rio de Janeiro.

Wednesday 7 December, 1921

Sir Alfred Yarrow hosts lunch at the Club Central, Rio for Sir Ernest Shackleton. Wild and Worsley also attend. Among others in the Yarrow travelling party and attending the lunch are Charles Pullen and Yarrow engineer William W Marriner.