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The Quest is now en route to Rio. The weather has become very warm and and conditions below deck are uncomfortable so the crew spend time whenever possible under shade on deck.

Friday 4 November, 1921

At midday, Eriksen lands a 7ft 7” (2.3m) male dolphin. The ship is stopped for 10 minutes to bring the animal aboard.

Charlie Green (centre) holds the porpoise, hauled aloft by Wild, Macklin and Watts

Saturday 5 November, 1921

11.00am: Quest comes across the sailing ship France, becalmed.  Frank Worsley writes:

“We met a beautiful five-masted ship.  She was the “France” of Rouen, the largest square-rigged ship in the world at that time.  Anything to do with sailing ships had for me an irresistible attraction, so I suggested to Shackleton that we should take a photographic record of her.  Knowing my weakness he smilingly agreed, and we ran close to the ship with her great towers of canvas dwarfing the little Quest alongside.  Wilkins got out his camera and obtained one of the last records of the days when sails dominated the seven seas”.   

The France is en route from New Zealand to London, eventually arriving there on 10 December.